The New England Patriots will not have Julian Edelman for Sunday’s away game at Buffalo Bills. After the veteran wing, 34, missed training on Thursday because of the decision to undergo surgery to treat a knee injury that has plagued him this season.

Edelman returned to limited training on Wednesday. But did not practice last Thursday Before the news was reported, the 34-year-old flank decided to fix chronic knee pain through surgery and had no fixed time frame to return. Who have missed out on playing for the rest of the season and possibly his final season as a National Warriors 

The New EnglandThe New England of the first six games this season, Edelman received 21 passes for 315 yards, but no touchdowns yet. He has been an outstanding performance with eight passes for 179 yards in the second week against Seattle Seahawks.

The loss of Edelman left Quarterback Cam Newton with only a noname wing used by Damir Bird, Jacob Meyers and Gunner Olsefs. Kiel’s the end, Harry was in the house on a protocol session and will definitely not ready for the game at Buffalo on Sunday or not. 

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