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1. Judas And The Black Messiah Movie Review : A riveting true story told with cinematic brilliance.

REVIEW : In ‘Judas and the Black Messiah,’ the thrill starts building right from the start. When a 17-year-old William “Bill” O’Neal (LaKeith Stanfield) is lured by the FBI Special Agent Roy Mitchell (Jesse Plemons) to sign up for a suicide mission ดูหนังฟรี.

This, at a time when America was reeling from the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy and cities were rocked by riots, campuses were rapt by peace protests, and the Vietnam War was raging on. With all of this in the backdrop, co-writer and director Shaka King puts his undivided focus on the fight between the American law enforcement and the revolting blacks, whose recurring chant was ‘revolution is the only solution.’

The result is cinematic brilliance, in telling an engaging true story with elements of surprise and unpredictability. Although, set in the 1960s, the film’s context resonates a lot with the current situation in America and the spiffy biopic. Somehow manages to achieve moral equivalence between the obvious rights and wrongs. Case in point, when a white FBI agent convinces his black informant to gather intelligence on the Black Panthers Chairman Fred Hampton by saying,

“The Panthers and the (Klu Klux) Klan are one and the same. Their aim is to sow hatred and inspire terror.” As betrayal and bloodshed follow, it’s up to the audience to decide, whose side they are on. Either ways, it’s a powerfully told tale with strong performances marked by restrain and realism.

2. Raya And The Last Dragon Movie Review : Disney’s first Southeast Asian warrior princess is a winner all the way.

REVIEW:  Inspired heavily by the Southeast Asia, ‘Raya and the Last Dragon’ uses a backdrop of the world that has never been fully explored by mainstream Hollywood. From this, to many other firsts, Directors Don Hall and Carlos López Estrada’s action-animation extravaganza. Is a thrilling ride and an emotional rollercoaster. Traversing through the mystical land of Kumandra, the narrative blends formulaic tropes with distinct nuances, in a well-defined screenplay.

Poignant and powerful, the film’s writing in on point, depicting the magic of pure love. The imaginary world-building is thorough. From vast green lands to elaborate castles, it’s a make-believe realm of colourful escapades. Where Raya (Kelly Marie Tran), is on a quest to summon the spirit of Sisu (Awkwafina). The last dragon, and reunite the remains of the Dragon gemstone. Only this can save her land and its inhabitants, including her father.

There is a lot of thrilling entertainment to be enjoyed. Raya and her cute and colourful allies go about doing their business. The animation is spectacularly top-class and a pure delight to watch, on the big screen. The sword-fighting sequence stands out for its sharp and clear execution, blurring the thin line between animation and live-action.

3. Our Friend Movie Review : True friendships are fortified through hard times.

Review: Matt Teague (Casey Affleck) is a journalist who travels to the world’s remote corners to cover stories on war and death. That does not prepare him for the news that his wife Nicole (Dakota Johnson) has cancer, with not much time left.

He puts his career on hold to focus on taking care of her and his two young girls Molly (Isabella Kai Rice) and Evie (Violet McGraw). But he doesn’t expect Dane (Jason Segel), Nicole’s college friend, to abandon his life and move across states to be with the Teague family. Dane jeopardizes his job and relationships to help Matt. Molly and Evie as they watch their wife and mother, respectively, slowly slip away.

Dane works at a retail store and wants to be a stand-up comedian, but that doesn’t go too far. He lives with his parents in their house. It’s implied that Dane suffers from depression and could be suicidal. But the film doesn’t delve too deep in that direction. It’s probably a missed opportunity, especially since Jason Segel’s performance is earnest.

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