Jayson Tatum

Jayson Tatum Forward Boston Celtics opened up for the first time after coming back on the pitch since finding COVID-19 in a 119-103 score win over Chicago Bulls last Monday. That during the exposure of the virus. It cannot leave the mental state to be weak because can worsen the symptoms UFABET.

Jayson Tatum has missed out on more than five games for the Celtics in the past due to a positive coronavirus test. And must adhere to the league’s health or safety measures. Even visiting the United Center, wearing a uniform, hitting 24 points , 5 assists from 31 minutes of play was a satisfying knock.

The 22- year-old had the opportunity to bare his feelings when he was still addicted to COVID. He did not know it was difficult Because he was all worried.

“ I wouldn’t want to lie that the problem I faced at that time was mental state. The reaction to what happened in the first place, remember that when attached to interview NBC Sports.

But anyway, you’re all scared because everything you read or have shot the effect on different people. Including many people just can’t get past it ” 

” It made me sit and think – Are we still okay ? What is the state of mind ? Do you still smell it through your nostrils ?, Is it chest pain ? Or just think by yourself ? Then have to lock down for two weeks Of course, my heart is not strong, it is difficult to know the results at first. ” 

“ Of course, I watch the game in a different way. Called dissecting our team play because I know that the play we will run up to. What plan does the coach call? Or what kind of shot should you choose to make your results better? Not simulating if he competes But just think according to the audience’s status ” 

Tatum lost works team relies pathways Jay Brown , Marcus Smart , or a substitute for other palliative situation to the island brought the East 10-6.

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