Thailand’s architecture reflects its culture, which is characterized by simple temples as well as extravagant royal garb. Thai architecture, based on a traditional Thai model, is characterized by wooden temples as well as complex, intricate sculptures and carvings. It also has numerous other influences, including the French and Chinese, Indian, Portuguese and Arab. The main characteristic of Thailand’s architecture is its link to Bangkok the capital of Thailand. The Thai people are very proud of their heritage and pay a great tribute to their past and the Bangkok archipelago. This is especially true of the ancient temples. There are many museums and art galleries which showcase the rich history and culture of Thailand, along with the temples.

Architectural Heritage Since time immemorial architecture in Thailand has changed through the influence of other cultures, especially those of the Orient. Consequently, the architectural styles of Thailand have evolved over time and are now incorporating some of the most innovative practices of architectural design in the Orient. Most of the Thai population favors the traditional style of architecture as it is a reflection of the heritage of the Thai people. However the interior design of Thailand is becoming more affected by the architectural styles prevalent in the Orient, thus the presence of exotic materials like bamboo, wood and even metal for instance. Now, it is available to design private homes in Thailand that incorporate these contemporary features, using traditional Thai elements such as the lintels (the curving lines on the doors and windows) and the taut rooflines.

Interior Designers are finding it easier to meet the needs of the Thai people by providing them with top-quality interior designs at affordable prices. It is also possible to create the interiors of private residences in Thailand with the help of talented interior designers and architects. They are well-aware of the local culture and don’t introduce any western influences into the architecture.

There are many companies that specialize in designing commercial and residential structures in Thailand. The work of interior architects and the professionals who draft for these companies is aimed at enabling clients to take advantage of the most advanced technology that are available on the market. An interior architect of average caliber will be associated with a few companies that are associated with his professional practice. These firms employ the best interior architects and draftsmen in the field.

Usually, clients are given an overview of the project, and then the general concepts are developed from this. The interior architects of the company plan the layout taking into account the architectural aspects of the area. If necessary they seek the help from the local architectural firm with an established reputation in this field. The final product is one that is conceptually sound, reflects the preferences of the owners , and is also visually appealing.

In the area of architecture and draftsmanship particularly in Thailand special training is required. Since designing and space require precision, this is why it is necessary to have specialized training. These jobs are only open to those who have completed their education at accredited colleges and hold an accredited certificate in architecture or drafting. Many Thai institutions have helped a number of young architects obtain their degrees in architecture or drafting. In recent years, the need for highly experienced and highly qualified interior designers and architects has also grown.

Many companies that deal with interior architecture and drafting employ graduate students working for them. These young architects, usually students, work under the supervision of senior interior architects who are experienced. In Bangkok, there have been more firms opening offices in recent years. The growing demand for these professionals is likely to result in more jobs opening up in the near future. The demand for interior architects and drafting professionals will only rise as more people move to Bangkok.

There are numerous opportunities for interior designers. Interior designers have a variety of options. You can work in hotels as well as government buildings and even your own homes. Interior designers are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to bring life and color to dull spaces. They also are responsible for bringing some unique style and style to a place. You can design the interiors of your home according to your personal preferences and ideas. Interior designers can create a complete interior design based on the client’s preferences.

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