Brady reacts to viral video of him having a REALLY good time at victory parade originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston. Tom Brady is no doubt living his best life in Florida right now UFABET.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback had a fantastic time celebrating his team’s Super Bowl LV win over the Kansas City Chiefs during Wednesday’s championship boat parade. Two scenes really stood out from the parade.

The first was Brady throwing the Lombard Trophy across the water to another boat, where Bucs tight end Cameron Brate caught it. It was an absolutely wild scene that thankfully didn’t include any damage done to the trophy — unlike previous Super Bowl celebrations.

Bucs tight end has great reaction to catching Lombardi Trophy from Brady on boat

Another video that went viral was Brady making it safely back to land, getting off his boat and having Bucs third-string quarterback Ryan Griffin helping guide him as he walked a little wobbly.

Brady reacted to that video with the following tweet: Wait, is that drink part of the TB12 diet?

The 43-year-old quarterback is no stranger to Super Bowl parades. He’s now take part in seven of them. Is coming back to the Buccaneers next season for another run at the Super Bowl, and who can blame them? We wouldn’t be surprised if the Bucs are staging a similar celebration at this time next year.

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