BabeBabe, 1995
Won one award from the 1996 Golden Globe Awards
Babe’s mastery and patience have made these adorable animal films swept the 1996 Best Picture award to a popular audience. Don’t miss out on the cuteness of Babe.
Saving Private Ryan, 1998
Received two awards from the Golden Globe Awards 1999
story of the opening of the raid on D-Day. BATTLES FOR THE BEACH HANDING THE FLOOR US MILITARY IN THE HEARS SPECIAL OZ A lot of war movies, what you will get after watching it. Guarantee it with 2 awards that have built a reputation. Both a Best Director and a Best Movie Even though I watched it, it was still fun to come back. Movie HD
A Beautiful Mind, 2001
Won 4 awards from the 2002 Golden Globe Awards
which is really unusual. The movie A Beautiful Mind can be swept up to 4 awards for both male and female actors. Supporting Actress Screenplay, and also received a Best Picture in Drama, although it just the story of a very intelligent man, something unusual happened to him. I can assure you that it’s really fun beyond words. By sweeping awards around the world for this movie. Movie HD

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